How did i Start a Company by Myself



I’d like to share a chapter of my journey with you today, one that’s deeply personal and filled with growth and transformation.

Back in 2019, I proudly graduated with a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. The world of Robots, circuits, and mechanics was my playground, and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

For the next four years, I ventured into the realm of education technology as a Robotics Trainer. It was a period of intense creativity where I had the privilege of shaping young minds and crafting robots, drones, and 3D printers. The thrill of watching young talents discover their potential was truly inspiring.However, beneath this engineering exterior, a burning passion for Graphic Design quietly smoldered. During evenings and weekends, I would immerse myself in freelance design projects, exploring the world of visual storytelling.

Then, in May of this year, I took a leap of faith and founded “Flickwise,” my very own Digital Media Marketing Agency. The driving force behind Flickwise is my desire to help brands truly stand out in the digital crowd. I’m dedicated to making them unique and memorable, just as I’ve always envisioned.

So why the transition? I’ve learned that following your passion is the key to unlocking your true potential. My engineering background provides me with a unique perspective on problem-solving, and I’m excited to apply these skills to creative challenges in marketing.

Flickwise isn’t just a business; it’s my canvas where I paint brand stories, and every pixel has a purpose.

I’d love to connect with fellow creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a passion that’s waiting to be unleashed. Share your stories, dreams, and ambitions! Let’s inspire each other to chase our creative callings.

Have you made a career shift or started a venture driven by your passion? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

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